These options are added to end of a Glance label to allow us to change how the object is found or filtered

#attribute-<attribute name>
limit the search to the specified attribute name

Example Code: https://codepen.io/quasimatic/pen/zwQVEL
limit the selector to class attribute

Example Code: https://codepen.io/quasimatic/pen/OmebeK
visibly closest element to the scope

Example Code: https://codepen.io/quasimatic/pen/YVoEYo
selector given can be part of a longer text string

Example Code: https://codepen.io/quasimatic/pen/bWPwjK
applies selector as a css query

Example Code: http://codepen.io/quasimatic/pen/xdJKJP
find only elements that are an exact textual match

Example Code: https://codepen.io/quasimatic/pen/qmzVJv
limit the search to hidden elements
limit the search to the specified id (fastest way to search)
return element number <index>

Example Code: https://codepen.io/quasimatic/pen/BROxEm
look only for elements that match this node-type

Example Code: https://codepen.io/quasimatic/pen/rmEWQy
look for the selector in the value attribute
default behavior - return only visible elements

Example Code: https://codepen.io/quasimatic/pen/MmqGGq

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