History of Glance


While testing web applications we got tired of inspecting the DOM to find an element. We wanted a way to reference an element according to what we saw on the page. Through many iterations we developed Glance and we continue to find new and different uses for it.


The idea started with labels. Labels allows us to have a stable reference without having to worry about how to find it. However, labels still required us to add code.

This is where Glance starts to help out. Putting some querying capabilities behind the label we can start to create labels that can work with the program.





Square ^ Blue


More often than not referencing something can have many duplicates. Using a breadcrumb-like syntax we can narrow down the context for an item and guide the reader to the thing they need.


Square > Circle


Since we're dealing with computers the default magic doesn't always work. With options we can tell Glance how to look up the label and completely customize the lookup behavior.

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